Does homeowner’s insurance cover roof leaks?

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Roof Insurance Claims

Springtime in Texas brings us all kinds of storms that leave us with damaged cars, damaged roofing, and more. Having some knowledgeable roof insurance claims help is recommended and needed for a homeowner who has never filed an insurance claim before! Having somebody that knows how roof insurance claims work and all the ins and outs of how to file a roof insurance claim is priceless.

Questions like, “What kind of roof damage is covered by insurance?” are common and the answer is important. Perils that are commonly by homeowners’ insurance includes: 

  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Wind damage
  • Other natural disasters

So, this means that your roof insurance claims help with paying part or all of the cost to repair or replace the roof if a tree falls on your house, the roof is beat with hailstones, or high winds rips off shingles on your foo. 

Other roof insurance claims help is for vandalism, which is rare but does happen. Vandalism repair or replacement coverage is typically under an all-risks or all-perils homeowner’s insurance policy, with an exception for policies that state it is specifically excluded. 

Vandalism is defined when damage has been done to the roof, like malicious mischief. That can include something like your home being egged, which is more difficult and damaging than you may expect, and any roof insurance claims help in paying for this is going to be appreciated! 

Home interior damage from any of the above mentioned will usually be under the umbrella of the comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy. This means that your policy will cover anything else damaged when the roof was damaged. An example would be part of the roof is damaged or destroyed and this causes damage to the interior of the home. The roof insurance claims help in repairing or replacing things like fixtures and furniture can be a huge benefit financially.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover wind damage to a roof?

Yes, homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover most wind damage roof insurance claims. Help from this coverage will include paying for repairing or replacing the damaged roof as well as the siding and windows. 

Will insurance cover a 15-year-old roof?

Filing for roof insurance claims help for your roof simply because it is old will not be honored. The roof needs to be significantly damaged by an insurable event. Based on the age and if your homeowner’s insurance is set up as RCV (replacement cash value) or ACV (actual cash value) will determine how much roof insurance claims help you’ll get financially. 

Does homeowner’s insurance cover roof replacement?

Yes, if you choose the RCV option (replacement cash value), is how to get a free roof from insurance if you choose a roofing material that is within the range of what the insurance company pays. An example would be your insurance company telling you they will pay for full roofing and siding replacement, and they cut you a check for $25,000. You choose a roofing material that is $20,000, you will only have $5,000 left for siding. 

Many homeowners will choose the ACV option (actual cash value) because it is a lower monthly premium. However, the RCV (replacement cash value) is the better choice because it will pay more if you do file an insurance claim. With the ACV option, your homeowner’s roof insurance claim help will only be for what the depreciated value is of your roof at the time. The RCV will pay what it will cost up to the equivalent to replace the roof, which will typically be more than the current depreciated value.

Can you keep insurance claim money for a roof?

If there is a mortgage on your house, the check will be mailed to them. It will be up to them if you are given the check or if they will require you have the repairs or replacement stipulated in the claim to be completed. They will then pay the contractors accordingly. 

If your home is free and clear of any mortgage, the check is mailed directly to you to do as you please. If you choose not to get the new roof or siding, the insurance company may not pay for another roof insurance claim. Help from your insurance company can provide you the information on those types of stipulations. 

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Don’t Throw Caution To The Wind! 

During the springtime, it is common for neighborhoods hit by hailstorms, high winds, and tornados to be canvased by roof replacement insurance scams. These are contractors that will ask for half or more down for a new roof and then never show up. The money is gone, and you still have a damaged roof. You can file charges with the sheriff’s office, but chances are the scammer is long gone, with your money.