How Do I Fix a Hole in My Roof?

A Roofer Repairs a Roof With a Nail Gun.

How to fix a hole in your roof

Summer has ended and winter is quickly approaching. Is your roof ready? Have you made a visual inspection to see if it may need roof repair or replacement before the first snowstorm? It is better to find any possible problems and get them repaired now instead of making roof repair on a cold day with ice on the road. Roof repair is never fun, but it is even less fun when the weather is cold and wet. 

By performing regular inspections, you can repair roof by replacing it for less money and less time. When you find possible problems that require roof repair, what is it that caused the problem? For any responsible homeowner, roof repair is important, and there are many questions to which Professional Roofing Systems has answers and suggestions here. For more information or to schedule services call (281) 338-7663.

What to do if your roof is leaking?

When is the best time for your roof to spring a leak and roof repair is needed? Never. There is never a convenient time for this inconvenience. As a homeowner that experiences a roof leak, there are steps you can do that will minimize the damage, and that will minimize the cost for repair and prevent leaks. 

  • WATER DAMAGE: After you have found an active roof leak, the first thing you need to do is lessen possible water damage. This can be done by moving belongings and furniture out of the way and place plastic covers over it.  
  • WATER CONTAINED: Place buckets and any waterproof container under the leaking area to catch any more water leaking, placing old clothing or towels to catch the splatters. Pin a string on the ceiling where the leak is at to a bucket to direct the water to the bucket. If there are any bubbles in the paint, puncture it so that it releases the water and flows to the bucket. 
  • WATER REMOVAL: After you have the leak controlled, proceed with drying out the carpeting, drapes, furniture, rugs, woodwork, and anything that appears to have been exposed to water. This will minimize possible water staining and mold taking root and growing. Carpeting and rugs should be pulled up as well as the padding. If the job is too massive for you, call a professional extraction company. 
  • CALL YOUR HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE COMPANY: If there is possibility of heavy, severe damage, you need to call your homeowner’s insurance agent. The damage may not be covered by a leaking roof, but that one phone call could put your mind at ease if they tell you the roof repair is covered or not. 
  • AFTER ALL IS UNDER CONTROL: Your next task is to get the roof fixed. Your homeowner’s insurance company may have roofing contractors to recommend, or you can find one on your own to make the roof repairs or replacement. Make sure they are certified, licensed, local, and can supply you current/recent customer references. 

Is roof damage covered by insurance?

This is the most frequently asked question, and the answer is never a yes or no. It depends on the cause of the roof damage. Homeowner’s insurance may cover roof repair or replacement if a natural peril like a hailstorm or wind damage like a tree limb or other debris created it. 

Some homeowner’s insurance policy excludes hail and wind, so the time to find out what your policy offer is before it happens. Homeowner insurance policies do not cover any roof repair from damage caused by homeowner neglect. 

Can I fix roof leak from inside?

Yes, but it should only be a temporary roof repair until you can have a professional roofing contractor do the job properly and permanently. The first thing you need to do is to divert the water coming through the leak. This area will need to have time to dry out before you can make the temporary repair. You can create a diversion by pushing a nail in the hole to attract the water and redirect it to one direction. In the area where you are redirecting the water, place a plastic container to catch the water. You must check it and empty it as it fills. 

Once this area has dried, and you have found where the leak is found, draw a chalk line around it for future reference the professional contractor can use as a starting point for a roof repair. Next, smear a liberal but smooth amount of caulk or roof patch compound with a scraper, covering the whole area. Every homeowner should have a storage cabinet with these materials in it and ready, just for situations like this. 

Is a roof leak an emergency?

If there is water dripping or pouring into the house, then yes, it is an emergency. If the roof has a major hole or has been ripped off during a storm, that is an emergency. If you’ve just noticed a mildew odor in an area of the house, but you’re not seeing any leak, this isn’t an emergency. However, sooner than later, you need to have a professional roofing contractor do an inspection and determine if a roof repair is enough or if you need a roof replacement. 

Will a leaking roof collapse?

Yes, if it becomes wet enough and has the weight of ice, rain, or snow sitting on it. If a roof repair or replacement has not been done to fix a leak, it will eventually soak through the roof frame, attic flooring, and come through the ceiling. If large enough, it can affect the stability of the walls. 

Closing the roof on this piece

When it comes to your home, the roof may be the most important component. Your attention to the well-being of it is essential in keeping your home safe and sound. For something that important, using the services of a professional roofing contractor for roof repair or replacement is the best action you can take.

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