What is roof installation?

roof installation

Getting a roof you can depend upon

It is exciting yet scary with a crew comes to install a roof on your home. The excitement of an upgrade to your home. Scary about all the things that could happen. A new roof installation is an investment for your home, which is an investment in itself, and the roof install cost can stun anyone because it is not inexpensive. 

While just about anyone with a ladder and hammer could claim they know how roof installation goes, that doesn’t mean they have the experience. This is why you need to take time to interview, collect quotes, and follow up on referrals before deciding who installs roofing on your home and has references that prove they know how install roof shingles correctly.

Or worse, during storm seasons, it isn’t unusual to get fly-by-night companies going from house to house, offering cheap prices, taking half the money for down payment, then never to return. Or they do a shoddy job, and you end up having to pay another contractor to fix how they install a roof on your home. 

The first hint that the contractor you choose to install a roof on your home isn’t experienced or legitimate would be they get the job finished quickly – maybe a little too quick? How long does roof installation take when done correctly? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set amount of time for how long it will take to install a roof on any home. Roof installation isn’t a one-size-fits-every-roof. for an average home, one story, and all the conditions are optimal for the time of install a roof, you could be looking at a one day job or up to three days.  

There are 7 factors that can affect the time to install a roof: 

The Weather

  • Additional steps are needed while install a roof in the cold weather. This means it could take longer than normal. If the roofing is being replaced during cold weather, additional steps are necessary that require additional time. 
  • Don’t expect an experienced and reputable roofing contractor to install a roof in ice, rain, or snow. This makes your roof decking vulnerable to getting wet and it is dangerous for the crew. 
  • Asphalt shingles do not like cold weather, so the roofing contractor will need to take extra care and steps in getting the shingles to stick and seal as they install a roof. Ideally, the temperature should be at 40 degrees or higher to install a roof. 

Materials and Design

  • Roofing shingles are available in a variety of materials today, and each of them has their own intricacies to install a roof. These intricacies could take longer to complete the job. 
  • The average time frame to install a roof with these common shingle materials are: 
    • Asphalt Shingles – 1 to 3 days
    • Wooden Shingles – 6 to 8 days
    • Slate Tiles – 6 to 7 days
    • Concrete Tiles – 8 to 9 days
  • If you have a specific design for the shingles when installed, this can add to the time frame listed above. The more complex & intricate, the longer to install a roof.
  • If you have chosen to have the contractor install roof insulation in addition to the basic insulation and roofing materials, this will add some time to the job. 

The House Size

  • The larger the house, the longer it takes to install a roof. An average size home of 1200 square feet on one level, install a roof can often be done in 1 day. A sprawling, multi-story home of 3,000 square feet, install a roof could take 3 to 5 days.

The Steepness 

  • A steep roof is challenging to walk across and while install a roof, there is often the issue of equipment and materials sliding off. The crew will need to wear additional safety equipment which can hinder how fast they install a roof.  
  • A shallow roof pitch will require the roofing crew install special underlayment to keep the water from backing up and penetrating the roofing envelope. This is a necessary step to install a roof  of that pitch, which is added time to the job. 

Historical Significance 

  • An older home that is a historical landmark will require additional time to install a roof for the contractor and crew to take extra care in maintaining the historical aspect and structural integrity.
  • A historical home often requires special permits which can delay the install a roof. 


  • A home with bushes, flowerbeds, and landscaping can make it difficult for the contractors to access the roof easily. 
    • Houses that are close together, typical of urban housing, can make it a challenge to get the equipment, ladders, and materials up and down to install a roof. 

Structural Damage

  • If there is any structural damage to the home, especially the roof deck or the structure under the roof deck, before the contractor can install a roof, repairs will need to be made. 
shingle roofing system

How much is roof installation? 

Again, this isn’t a set price and not all roofs are the same. The factors that will determine the cost to install a roof on your home will be the type of material you choose, the size of your home, and any unforeseen issues like structural damage. 

On average, the national cost to install a roof cost around $4,800 and up to $10,000 and up, with the medium cost around $7,200. Again, the material you choose and the size of your home are two of the biggest factors in determining the cost. 

As you interview roofing contractors and get quotes, as them their routine of when to install roof flashing, and make sure that the flashing is on the written quote. There are contractors that will try to reuse your old flashing, which is okay as long as it is installed correctly and is in good condition. If you’re being charged for new flashing, you want to make sure you get new flashing. Need roof installation in League City, TX? Call (281) 338-7663 today.