When do I need a roof replacement?

worker providing roof replacement

The Average Roof Lifespan

Are you trying to figure out how often to replace a roof? That can depend on several factors, and being close to the coast can be rough on a roof. In addition to the daily sun, the roof is exposed to the salty sea air and high winds, along with the usual hailstorms. Roof replacement in League City, TX and the surrounding area is a pretty common sight. An asphalt shingle roof may need replacement every 10 to 12 years versus other parts of Texas, where they can last up to 25 years. 

What does “roof replacement” mean?

A roof replacement is a process of removing the existing roofing material to make any repairs necessary to the decking and joists. Afterward, the new roofing material is installed. 

What does roof replacement include?

A roof replacement is much more detailed than a roof restoration.  A roof replacement begins with the old roofing and felt covering being torn off, all the way to the decking. The decking is then replaced if damaged and the roof joists are examined for necessary replacement as well. With the joists and decking in place, roof felt is installed, followed by the roofing material, like asphalt shingles. 

Once all of that is in place, the roofing contractor will install the various types of flashing and check all rubber boots around the plumbing vents. The ridge ventilation is finally installed to make sure the attic is well ventilated. 

What is done during a roof replacement?

As the homeowner, if you know what to expect with a roof replacement job, you can take the steps needed to be prepared, even if that includes vacating the premises for your own comfort. You may want to consider covering your furniture, bedding, clothing, plants, and other things that could get dirty from falling debris. 

Remove your outdoor furniture, grills, and plants, covering what can’t be moved. Park vehicles and other items like boats out away from the house and garage. The basic steps the contractor and roof replacement crew will take are: 

  • Property Protection: The roofing contractor that installing your roof replacement will take steps to protect your property using plywood and tarps. 
  • Remove Old Roofing: All of the existing roofing materials will be taken off the house, and the wood decking and joists inspected for damage. 
  • The Inspection: Any wood that is soft, wet or has rot will be replaced. 
  • Preparing the Surface: The next step in your roof replacement will preparing the wood decking with a drip edge. 
  • Water and Ice Shield: A ice and water shield is installed next; this is also called the underlayment followed by roofing felt.
  • Installing New Roof Replacement Materials: With all of these steps completed, the roof is ready for the new roofing materials. The contractor and crew will start at the base of the roof, laying the new material and work upward to the ridge. They will then install the new ridge cap and ridge vents along with flashing. 
  • Clean-Up: Next the job site is cleaned up. 
  • A Final Inspection: Last part of your new roof replacement is a meticulous inspection with the contractor and lead crew member. 

How long does a roof replacement take?

For an average-sized house, one of up to 2,000 square feet, the job can usually be done within a day. The only exception would be if the crew finds more damage to the decking and joists than they have the supplies to replace. 

What is the average cost of a replacement roof?

The cost of construction materials has gone up over the past six months, so the cost of a roof replacement could be higher than these last figures obtained. A typical roof replacement has cost in recent years as little as $5,100 for a 1,000 square foot house and up to $30,000 for a 2,500 square foot house.

Can I finance a roof replacement?

If your roofing replacement is being paid for your homeowner’s insurance, there are some options for financing this job. One would be a home equity loan which will require you to have an 85% ratio for loan value.  You can apply for a personal loan or use credit cards to pay for your roof replacement as well.

overhead view of a roof replacement in progress

Finally – How does insurance work for roof replacement?

You will need to notify your insurance company that you need to file a damaged roof claim. They will send an adjuster to inspect the damage and the entire roof. They will send you an estimate of what your policy will pay for, less your deductible. 

Once you have a roofing contractor give you an estimate, if the adjuster gives a lesser estimate, the roofing contractor can file for a supplement payment. Once the roof replacement is complete, a copy of the final invoice is sent to the insurance company and if there is any depreciation, a check will be sent to you or your mortgage company.